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I’m Rosalie, an independent companion from the Republic of Ireland, now based in London.

My profile covers almost everything you could hope to know before meeting me, so it’s a good idea to read it through before getting in touch. And if there’s anything you’re still wondering after that, feel free to drop me an email.

I offer appointments London, usually during the day or early evening. Advance notice is recommended, but I do offer same-day trysts, especially if I’ve seen you before. Carrier pigeons have of late not been arriving safely – so I recommend that you drop me an email me instead.

Carrier pigeons have of late not been arriving safely (I blame the neighbour’s cat and recommend that you email me instead.)

Please note that if your message or call seems to indicate that you haven’t read my profile, it’s very likely that I will lower my (imaginary) spectacles and send you back to reread it. It can sometimes be hard to get hold of me same-day because I am a part-time lady of remunerable affections and I do have other commitments, but it’s worth giving me a call on the off-chance that I’m free. It happens now and then.


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